Running out of ideas on how to grow your church? Ready to think outside of the box? If you are a pastor, leader or ministry head then this book is for you.

To Serve the Present Age

about the Author

Carlton Worthen

Within the pages of this book, author Carlton Worthen teaches his 5 essential principles on how to promote church growth which are:

  • Dynamic and Engaging Thematic Worship
  • Giving as a Form of Worship
  • Technology to Serve the Present Age
  • Strategic Community Partnerships
  • Holistic Ministry


Reading this book will enable you to:

  • Develop engaging and transformative worship experiences for your congregants
  • Notice an increase in weekly giving
  • Expand the reach of your local ministry beyond your current zip code


Carlton currently serves as a Senior Pastor of St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church in Eufaula, AL where he works tirelessly to win lost souls for Christ, and to empower individuals in their everyday Christian walk.

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Amazon Review

This book is a must have. It is life changing. You will not be able to put it down. We are using it for our Bible Study series and it has truly blessed our congregation. Rev. Worthen truly delivered with this book.

– Libya Baaqar